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About The Firm


Our clients place trust in us to help them through difficult times. We take this trust very seriously. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality legal services and compassionate counsel with the goal of attaining the best possible monetary and emotional outcome for our clients. With so much at stake, our clients demand expert legal services, and that is what we provide.

We have over 25 years of combined experience practicing in the St. Louis area and we have broad ranging expertise in the law. Our practice focuses on family law including divorce, mediation, legal separation, maintenance, child custody disputes, child support modifications, collection of support, grandparent visitation, and adoptions. We have represented clients throughout the St. Louis area including St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Jefferson County, Franklin County, and St. Charles County. Family law has unique rules and procedures that often change. Family law cases are tried before judges that focus on family law. We are well versed in these rules and procedures allowing us to provide the highest quality representation to our clients.

Our experience allows us to provide our clients a broad array of legal services. We have expertise in wills and trusts and personal injury (car accidents, premise liability, and product defects). The firm offers clients representation in criminal matters, including DWIs and other traffic offenses. We pride ourselves on solving problems.

In addition to expert legal counsel, we understand the importance of being responsive to our clients. We place a high priority on explaining your rights and keeping you informed. As a client at Wegner Buchanan, you can be assured that the attorneys and staff will be friendly, courteous, and responsive. Unfortunately, a common complaint by clients about their attorneys is that attorneys do not promptly return client telephone calls. We know that timely information is very important. For this reason, we strive to return every client telephone call received by 4:00 pm the day the call is received.


For more information about Wegner Buchanan, please call us at (314)726-6464 or email us. We would be happy to discuss our firm and the services we offer.