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Traffic Guide

We will help you fight your traffic ticket. We serve counties in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Get professional legal help. We will help you fight your speeding ticket, or other moving traffic violation.

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Why should I hire Wegner Buchanan to handle my traffic ticket?

Wegner Buchanan can help keep points off your driving record to prevent your insurance costs from "sky rocketing" and ensure that your license does not get suspended. This year over 34 million people will get speeding tickets. If you pay the fine for your traffic ticket without having the ticket amended, you are pleading guilty to the offense charged by the ticket. If the ticket involves a moving violation, your guilty plea will result in points on your Missouri driver license. Points on your license usually result in substantial increase in your insurance premiums. Points on your license may also prevent you from obtaining a job that requires a clean driving record. If you incur enough points on your drivers license, you may lose your license. Once you incur points on your license, it will take years for the points to be removed from your record. Many traffic tickets can be amended to avoid points on your license. Call Wegner Buchanan today and we can tell you if your ticket can be amended. We know how the system works and what it takes to get you the best deal on your traffic ticket and keep points off your record.

Call Wegner Buchanan at (314)726-6464, or email us, for a free case review.

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