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DWI Law Resource Links

Lawrence Taylor's DWI Blog
Lawrence Taylor has written and lectured extensively on drunk driving litigation, including the science of blood and breath alcohol analysis, the flaws in breathalyzers, the ineffectiveness of field sobriety testing, and the gradual erosion of constitutional rights in DWI cases. Mr. Taylor's DWI blog includes archived articles on these and other DWI issues.

Responsibility In DUI Laws, Inc.
RIDL is an organization that identifies itself as "a group of concerned citizens who recognize that the current trend in DUI laws is aimed at criminalizing and punishing Responsible Drinkers and is having little if any affect towards curbing drunk driving." The RIDL website offers statistics, research, and other information relating to drunk driving laws.

DWI Resource Center
The DWI Resource Center is an organization with the goal of reducing the social and economic impact of drunk driving through education, public awareness, prevention, and research. The Center provides DWI data and information and seeks to encourage localized plans to reduce DWI death and injury.

Alcohol Problems and Solutions
This website provides facts and statistics regarding alcohol laws and alcohol consumption and intoxication, including tips for drinking in moderation, minimizing your blood-alcohol content, and urban myths regarding DWIs.

IMPORTANT - The views expressed in these DWI Law Resource Links are not necessarily the views of Wegner Buchanan. We offer these websites only as a resource to those interested in DWI law issues. Wegner Buchanan has not independently confirmed the accuracy of the information on these websites.

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