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DWI, DUI, DWI conviction, DUI conviction, DWI defense, DUI defense, plea bargain, refusing breath test A DWI arrest is a very stressful experience. You are subjected to a police interrogation, handcuffed, taken to jail and confined against your will for several hours or longer. You are then faced with the consequences of the arrest and a DWI conviction, which can be devastating both personally and professionally. When you are arrested for DWI you must act quickly to avoid these consequences. The most immediate concern involves the suspension of your drivers license. A DWI ARREST RESULTS IN A SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE BY THE MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (DOR) AND YOU MAY HAVE AS LITTLE AS 15 DAYS TO APPEAL THE SUSPENSION.

Every DWI involves an administrative action before the DOR and a criminal court proceeding. Wegner Buchanan is experienced in representing clients in both the administrative action before the DOR and the criminal case, and we can help you successfully navigate these confusing and critically important proceedings. CALL US TODAY AT (314)726-6464 AND WE WILL MEET WITH YOU AT NO CHARGE TO DISCUSS YOUR DWI.

Our DWI Guide provides general information regarding DWI law in Missouri. You can access our DWI Guide by clicking on the topic areas on the left navigation. This information is not a substitute for legal representation, but we hope the information will help you understand the basics of DWI law.

IMPORTANT - The information on this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Please see Disclaimer.

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