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Criminal Guide

Wegner Buchanan, criminal defense, criminal attorneys Wegner Buchanan defends clients charged with crimes in the St. Louis area. Chris is a former public defender in St. Louis who understands state and federal criminal laws, the criminal process, mandatory sentencing guidelines, and he is experienced in providing uncompromising criminal defense representation for individuals charged with a crime. Wegner Buchanan handles cases involving charges of DWI, reckless driving, shoplifting, identity theft, bad checks, credit card fraud, among many other types of criminal cases.

If you are arrested or charged with a crime, it is important that you know your rights. If you are taken in for questioning, or interrogated by the police, you should request an attorney. Even if you did nothing wrong and are innocent of the crime being investigated, you should have an attorney present to make sure your rights are protected.

Do Not Speak with Anyone without Consulting an Attorney. Innocent people do go to jail. Always remember that police and investigators are out to solve a crime. If they believe you are a potential suspect, they may attempt to obtain incriminating evidence from you. Anything you say WILL BE used against you. An experienced criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and advise you to answer or refrain from answering questions. Contact Wegner Buchanan to represent and protect your legal interests and constitutional rights.

Search and Seizure Issues. Search warrants must be specific in their authority, and the police are bound by the limit of a search warrant in most cases. If you receive a search warrant, Wegner Buchanan can help ensure that it is properly executed. In some instances, police can perform searches without a search warrant; however, they typically must have just cause. If you have had incriminating evidence seized from your person or property, you should engage an experienced criminal law defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights against illegal searches and seizures.

The Criminal Process. Typically, you will be charged with a crime by a direct complaint or indictment. The next step will either be a preliminary hearing or an arraignment. In most cases, there will be other pre trial hearings to determine various issues, including evidentiary hearings, motion hearings, etc. Those are usually followed by a criminal trial. In some cases, there may be an appeal after the trial.

Plea versus Trial. The decision to go to trial or plea is based on many factors, predominately the evidence against you and the offer being made by the prosecution. We can help you make the ultimate decision regarding a plea offer or proceeding to trial by explaining to you the risks and benefits of either decision, and proceed according to your informed decision.

For more information about your rights, the criminal process, or to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your criminal charges with an experienced criminal law defense attorney, please call us at (314)726-6464 or email us.

IMPORTANT - The information on this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Please see Disclaimer.

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